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Beginning Five

1. Knock, enter, explain
2. Identify the resident
3. Provide privacy
4. Wash hands
5. Maintain safety


Knock, enter, and explain

Knock on the door, ask for permission to enter, and wait for response. If appropriate enter the room, introduce yourself to the resident, following by explaining why you are there and what you're going to do.


Identify the resident

Verify the resident to ensure the correct procedure is being completed for the correct resident.


Provide privacy

Close the door to the room, pull privacy curtains, and close window curtains as necessary.


Wash hands

Wash hands using correct procedure for 15-20 seconds.


Maintain safety

Evaluate equipment for safety concerns, maintain standard precautions, and use proper body mechanics. If the resident is changing positions the bed must be lowered to lowest position.


Ending Five

1. Position resident
2. Open the room
3. Wash hands
4. Ensure safety
5. Report and record


Position the resident

Position the resident as desired. Make sure frequent uses items and call light are in easy reach. Clean and store supplies as appropriate.


Open the room

Pull the curtains open, open the door as requested by the resident. Return equipment and furniture to correct position.


Wash hands

Wash hands using correct technique for 15-20 seconds


Ensure safety

Placing the bed in the lowest position, bollocking wheels, and using side rails appropriately. Standard precautions must be maintained at all times to prevent contamination.


Report and record

Report observations to the nurses and record the procedure according the facility policy.