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Sectors will only be established by

the instructions of the Incident Commander who will sectorise appropriate to the demands of the incident.


Sectorisation systems seek to ensure

that an appropriate Span of Control is exercised at all times by the requirement for additional officers to be introduced into the chain of command before the demands on any individual’s attention become excessive


an Operational Sector is

responsible for management of a physical area of the incident ground.


A Functional sector is

responsible for management of a support function such as Water Sector


Who is responsible for the tactical mode of incident and sectors

The Incident Commander is responsible for the tactical mode of the whole incident and for that of each operational sector


The Sector Commander will be responsible

for management of resources within their sector. The complexity of the tasks within the sector will determine their Managerial level.


A Sector Commander of an Operational Sector will report directly

directly to the Incident Commander or Operations Commander, as appropriate.


Functional Sectors must report to

to the Incident Commander using a reporting structure appropriate to the incident requirements.