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Theres attachment and there's perfection
Which requires filing?
Which is to protect seller against you which against other parties.

Attachment occurs when "the security interest is enforceable against the debtor). You paid, you picked it up, you signed a security agreement.

Attachment is to protect the seller against you, perfection against others.


Perfection by ______ and _________

What's the main way

Filing and possession
Possession for negotiable instruments
Stuff about 20 day period I have no idea


To perfect a purchase money security interest in consumer goods do you need to file?

No, if you did everything you bought on debt would need a filing.


what can be excluded from a filing statement

the amount of the obligation secured, because they may not know at the time of original filing


what type of security interest has priority even though it is perfected after a regular security interest

PMSI - purchase money security interest


A negotiable instrument is payable only in ____________



A negotiable warehouse receipt is payable only in
Is.a document of __________
It is a contract between _________ and the ________
What article of the UCC applies to

delivery of goods or services,
document of title
contract between bailor and bailee
article 7 documents of title


article 7 of ucc applies to what

documents of title