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How does one assess fixation?

1. MIT (HB)
2. After Image Transfer
3. Angle Kappa
4. Visuoscopy


Whats the one thing you do when evaluating EF

cover one eye; it is a monocular manifestation


T/F Most of us have a positive angle kappa due to the location of the macula



what does angle lambda assess

strabismus; it is measured binocularly


when are you not supposed to perform after image transfer test

when pt has ARC; you know that the image will not correspond to the fovea of the other eye.


Every 20 steps on VA chart is equivalent to how much MAR?

1 MAR;
20/20 = 1 MAR
20/40 = 2 MAR
20/60 = 3 MAR


What are tests to diagnose amblyopia

1. Block line letter VA
2. Psychometric VA
3. Neutral Density filter
4. MIT
5. Color vision
6. Amsler grid
7. 2.5 Telescope; improvement in VA will not match the mag of the telescope; it will be dramatically improved if no amblyopia present


T/F Aniso amblyopia have CS loss at all spatial frequencies



what tests do we use to make sure macula is healthy

1. NDF
2. Photo stress test
3. red cap test


T/F Suppression is not passive, it is an ACTIVE process. It is a _____ inhibitory reflex that occurs within the extra macular fusion reflex and permits the cortex to ignore visual sensations dispatched from the retina of the non fixating eye, on which are projected the images form the area of conscious regard.

positive; True; it is a common way to avoid retinal confusion


what did the bicucline study determine

administered poison and VA improved immediately. Stimulate neuroconduction


what did the enuclation study determine

enucleated good eye, amblyopic eye came back to normal. shows that what they did is take away the good eye that didn't let amblyopic eye work.


Suppression scotoma is absolute but also _____bc it is nonexistent during monocular vision. It could be plotted in the non fixating eye only during binocular perimetry.



Which tests detect suppression?

1. 4 worth dot
2. red lens test
3. maddox rod
4. von graefe
5. stereo acuity test
6. NPC


what does depth of suppression indicate?

severity and time of onset of the dysfunction


what does size of the suppression zone indicate

maximum size of the deviation


what does the laterality of the suppression indicate

which eye is the one that is suppressed most of the time.