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what can trigger suppression?

minus lenses or when pt has to accommodate


What activity is usually done in the first phase?

monocular activities to improve VA in the eye that is worse and equalize visual skills between the two eyes including accommodation, saccades, and pursuits.


what do monocular activities consist of

1. monocular marsden ball activities
2. near far hart chart
3. column jumping
4. monocular accommodative rock


what consists of phase II?

monocular activities in a binocular field, allowing the patient to be aware of the two eyes working at the same time.


what are some activities that are Monocular in a binocular field

1. red/green accommodative rock
2. dissociated vertical prism with marsden ball
3. hart chart activities


what does phase III consist of

binocular activities


what activities are a part of phase III

1. activities that emphasize BI and BO ranges
2. SILO effect
3. BIM and BOP activities
4. cheiroscopic tracing
5. eccentric circles
6. brock string


T/F When you have an exo deviation you will not see double



T/F Overtime you get a normal response for a test with a pt that you know has strabismus, this means they have ARC



In patient's who have strabismus surgery what are the stages of treatment in vision therapy

1. stage one: integration of retained primitive reflex exercises, bilateral integration exercises and gross motor activities.
2. stage two: developing proprioceptive awareness of the eyes
3. stage three: anti-gravity procedures
4. stage four: monocular visual skills; first doing tracking activities and then adding accommodative activities
5. Stage five: biocular visual skills with red/green suppression
5. stage six: binocular visual skills