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What are the 5 sensory systems fish use to detect each other?

1. Mechano reception
2. Electro reception
3. Vision
4. Chemoreception
5. Magnetic reception


What do these 5 sensory systems mean?

1. Touch
2. Detect Electricity
3. See better in Water
4. Taste
5. Detect Magnetic Fields


Name the parts that fish use with their Mechano reception?

1. Lateral Line System
2. Inner Ear
3. Neuromasts (Nerve cells) that detect vibrations


What are the functions of the Lateral Line System?

1. Touching at a distance
2. Schooling Behavior
3. Predation
4. Hydrodynamic Imaging
5. Courtship Communication
6. Subsurface Feeding
7. Surface Wave Feeding
8. Orientation


Where are the Otoliths located and their function?

1. On sensory hair cells
2. Provide downward pull of gravity


Otoliths are also called what?

Bony/Ear Stones


What is the function of the Weberian Apparatus?

Transmit vibrations from gas bladder to the inner ear for detection by the Otolith Organs.


What are the sensory organs of Olfaction?

1. Chambers
2. Epithelia
3. Taste Receptor Cells


What are the Olfaction Chambers made of and their function?

1. Made of pits with epithelia and nerve snares covered with flap of skin
2. Directs Water over the epithelia


What are the Olfaction Epithelia made of?

1. Made of folded tissues in rosettes with chemo-receptor proteins


Taste Receptor Cells are often are clumped into what?

Taste Buds


What is the function of Ampullary Receptors?

Detect electrical currents


Why is salt water better for communication between fish?

Higher ionic concentration that makes it a good conductor of electricity


What do electrical organ discharges (EODs) use to send signals of electricity?

1. Produce electrocytes
2. Modified muscle cells called electra plaques


Electrogenic Fish

Fish capable of generating an electric field


Electroreceptive Fish

Fish capable of detecting electric fields