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Declarative sentence

Declarative sentences convey information or make statements. For example:
-Harry Potter is the boy who lived
-My cat chases rabbits
-He lived in Northern Italy
-He really likes peaches
-He is called Elio ("ELIO"... "OLIVER")


Interrogative sentence

Interrogative sentences, or questions, request information or ask questions. For example:
-When does the train leave?
-How old is your daughter?
-What did you do?
-Are you okay?


Tag question

A tag question, or question tag or tail question, is a grammatical structure that converts a declarative or imperative sentence into a question through the addition of an interrogative fragment on the end of the sentence. For example:
- He didn't take the train, did he?
-Run to the store, will you?
-You could wash the dishes, couldn't you?


Imperative sentence

Imperative sentences make commands or requests. for example:
-Go and clean your room.
-Turn right at the park.
-Shut the door please.


Exclamatory sentence

Exclamatory sentences, or exclamations, show emphasis. Unlike the other sentences, exclamatory sentences do not have a specific sentence type. Instead, the other sentences became exclamatory through added emphasis. For example:
-Go and clean your room! -imperative
-When does the train leave?! - interrogative
-He really likes peaches! - declarative