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• Mixture is poured into a filter funnel, lined with filter paper.
• The water passes through easily.
• The other material cannot and therefore remains stuck on the filter paper.


Fractional distillation

• Separates a liquid from a mixture of two or more liquids.
• The different liquids have different boiling points.
• When the mixture is heated, one liquid evaporates before the other.
• They are them collected separately.



• Separating liquid from a dissolved solid.
• The solution is boiled.
• The water will evaporate leaving the solid behind.



• Separating dissolved substances from one another.
• Usually used with coloured ink.
• Pencil line and spots of ink/plant dye are placed on paper.
• The paper is lowered into a water/ethanol solvent which travels up the paper.
• The coloured substances are taken with it and are slowly spread apart.



• Can mean a liquid substance changing to its solid form.
• What happens when the liquid has evaporated to a point beyond its solubility limit.
• Solution is warmed making it evaporate and leave behind a saturated solution.
• It has as much solid dissolved in it as it can withstand.
• When it cools, the solid will come out of the solution and crystals will start to form.