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What OS can upgrade to windows server 2012?

Only Sever 2008, 2008 R2 and must be running 64 bit OS


What Is digitally signed kernel mode drivers?

Find out from videos


What is the default install option for windows server?

Server Core


What is Server Core?

Server Core is a minimal server installation option for the Windows with no user interface.This allows a low maintenance environment with minimal attack surface. Server Core still can provide core server roles.


What is features On demand?

Removes unused Binaries and frees disk space. Binaries can be added back at a later point.


What is Server Manager?

designed to guide information technology (IT) administrators through the process of installing, configuring, and managing server roles and features


Can server migration change language?

No, you can only use the same user interface language a


What is a Server Group?

Find out


How to install windows feature using powershell?

1. Run PowerShell As admin
2. PS CMD - [ Install -WindowsFeature *Name of Feature*


How to install windows feature using powershell remotely?

1. Run PowerShell As admin
2. PS CMD - [ Install -WindowsFeature *Name of Feature* -ComputerName


How do you enable Remote Desktop?

on the machine you would like to access remotely
1. server manager
2.local server
3. enable click on remote desktop disable and selecting enable


How to repeat a command while in PowerShell?

Up arrow on keyboard


How to enable Remote Desktop on Server Core?

cscript scregedit.wsf /AF /v
if it shows as a 1
push the up arrow to copy the last command
cscript scregedit.wsf /AF 0
cscript scregedit.wsf /AF /v
registry settings should show 0


What is Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe)?

a new command line tool that you can use to service a Windows image or prepare a Windows Preinstallation Enviorment image.


How to change Server Core to Full?

1.In CMD open powershell PS> Import-Module Servermanager
3.PS> Install-WindowsFeature Server-Gui-Mgmt-infa, server-Gui-shell -restart