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What is complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)?

Any other medical system based on a theory of disesae other than the orthodox science of medicine


Why do people turn to CAM?

  • High level of satisfaction reported
  • Seen as more holistic
  • Persistent symptoms that orthodox medicine cant fix
  • adverse effects of conventional treatments


What are concerns of CAM?

  • May harm patient
  • may risk missed or delayed diagnosis
  • practitioner may be unqualified
  • Some CAM theories are so absurd they cannot possibly work e.g. homeopathy


What are the arguments for NICE evaluating CAM?

  • High public interest
  • Some GPs already provide access
  • NICE could stimulate higher quality research


What are the arguments against NICE evaluating CAM?

  • NHS money limited
  • NICE has higher priorities
  • Poor quality evidence


Describe the theory of aromatherapy

  • Use of essential oils to improve health and promote wellbeing
  • Practitioners apply essential oils topically with massage and through inhalation
  • 'Works' by stimulating limbic system of midbrain which releases hormones that influence mood


Describe the theory of acupuncture

  • Trigger points can be treated by needling the area
  • Manipulation of these points can restore proper Qi flow to the body