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not in a million years, no way José, nah, uh-oh {S}

ways of saying NO or NEVER


kiss my ass {S}

a very rude way of saying No or reject someone


Lights. Camera. Action! {S}

a three-part command to start filming a scene


fall into the wrong hands {SW}
Ex: There are fears that these nuclear weapons might fall into the wrong hands.

become the possession of someone who is not supposed to have


we couldn't / can’t ask you to do that {S}
Ex: And if you can’t afford to do it, your dad and I would be thrilled to help out. “I can’t ask you to do that.” “Well, but we want to do it.”

acknowledge that somebody does you a very big favor


Is it too much to ask? {S}
Ex: I only need you to keep an eye on the baby for a few minutes. Is it too much to ask?

indicate that somebody should help you out because you do not ask for much


grasp / clutch at straws {SW}
Ex: He hope that this new cancer treatment will help but I think he's clutching at straws.

try something as a last resort or in desperation because you have no other choices


what's that for? {S}
Ex: I hit him and the boy yelled "what's that for?“

ask for the reason someone does something (annoyance implied)


drop off {SW}
Ex: The bus driver will drop off the passengers at the hotel.

deliver (a package) or let (passengers) to get off at


go through {SW}
Ex: It was obvious that someone had gone through my stuff while I was away.

search the content to look for something


Shall we? {S}

let’s do this


all in all {SW}
Ex: We both thought that despite what happened, all in all it might not be a bad idea.

in summary, after taking everything into account


by all means {SW}
Ex: "Can you come to dinner tomorrow?" "By all means. I'd love to.“

(in response to a request or invitation) sure, absolutely


so long {S}



the man can pack

lời khen



thành tựu to lớn