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Do the brachial plexus nerve routes hand thing.

3 muskateers
2 assassinated
5 rats
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And 2 unicorns


What is the pectoralis major composed of?

Lower bigger bit = sternal head originates from anterior surface of the sternum, the superior 6 coastal cartilages and the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle

Claviclular head - originates from anterior surface of the medial clavicle


What is the function of the pectoralis major?

Adducts and medically rotates the upper lip. Clavicular head also flexes the upper limb


Where does pectoralis minor originate from and attach into?

Origin from 3rd-5th rib, inserts into the coracoid process of the scapula


What is the function of pectoralis minor?

Stabilises the scapula by drawing it anterioinferiorly against thoracic wall


Where does serratus anterior attach into?

Several strips originate from the lateral aspects of ribs 1-8. They attach to the coastal surface of the medial boarder of the scapula


What’s the function of the serratus anterior?

Rotates the scapula, allowing arm to be raised over 90 degrees


What does the subclavius attach into?

Originates from junction of the 1st rib and coastal cartilage and attaches into the inferior surface of the middle third of the clavicle


What is the role of the subclavius?

Anchor and depress the clavicle


What are the contents of the axiliary region?

1) Axillary artery
2) Axillary vein (splits into cephalic and basilic)
3) Brachial plexus
4) Short head of Biceps brachii
5) Coracobrachialis
6) Axillary lymph nodes


What are the borders of the axillary region?

Anterior = pectoralis major and minor
Posterior = scapularis, Terese major, latissimus
Medial = serratus anteriror and thoracic wall
Lateral = intertubecular suclus


Which cervical vertebre is palpable and where?

C7 at the base of the neck

Nb: unlike the others, c7 isn’t bifid


How can we nod and shake our head?

C2, the axis, provides a point at which the atlas, c1, can pivot.

Transverse ligament on atlas that goes past odontoid process enables rotation

Joint near transverse ligament on atlas permits nodding


What is the ligamentum nuchae?

A thickening of the supraspinous ligament

- maintains the secondary curvature of the cervical spine
- assists the cervical spine to support the weight of the head
- to be a major site of attachment of the muscles in the neck and trunk