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What is cartilage?

- An avascular tissue that consists of an extensive extracellular matrix in which lie chondrocytes


What do chondrocytes do?

- Produce and maintain the extracellular matrix


What is there a high ratio of in the collagen matrix?

- High ratio of glycosaminoglycans to type II collagen
- Permits ready diffusion of substances from the chondrocytes to the blood vessels surrounding the cartilage


How does the structure of the extracellular matrix relate to its function?

- Solid and firm, but also pliable and has a high amount of hyaluronic acid
- Therefore resilient to the repeated application of pressure


Describe the ground substance of cartilage

- Hyaluronic acid molecules forming linear aggregates are interwoven with collagen fibrils
- Hyalouronic acid molecules have proteoglycan monomers attached, which themselves are made up of a core protein and glycosaminoglycan units
- The GAGs a are negatively charged, so attract water, forming a hydrated gel


What types of cartilage are there?

- Hyaline
- Elastic
- Fibrocartilage


Describe the structure of hyaline cartilage

- the matrix contains hyaluronic acid, proteoglycans and type III collagen
- The hyalouronate proteoglycan aggregates are bound to the fine collagen matrix fibres


Describe the structure of elastic cartilage

- Has a matrix like hyaline cartilage, but also contains many elastic fires and elastic lamellae


Describe the structure of fibrocartilage

- Contains matrix materials as in hyaline cartilage, and is also abundant in Type I collagen fibres


What types of cells are present in hyaline cartilage?

- Chondrocytes only
- Present singly or in clusters of isogenous groups if recently divided


Where does hyaline cartilage occur?

- Articulating surfaces
- Parts of the ribcage
- Nose
- Larynx
- Trachea
- Bronchi


What is pericondrium?

- A layer of dense connective tissue that is at the edges of hyaline cartilage
- Contains fibroblast like cells which develop into chondroblasts and then into chondrocytes


What is appositional growth?

-Growth from the periphery


What is interstitial growth?

- Growth between divided chondrocytes in isogenous groups as matrix is laid down


What is the difference between territorial matrix and interterritorial matrix?

- Territorial is darker as is more highly sulphate do
- Interterritorial is lighter