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What are the 4 factors affecting the capacity of STM?

influence of LTM, reading aloud, rhythmic grouping, pronunciation time


Who conducted research onto the influence of LTM on the capacity of STM?

Bower and Winzenz 1969
as trials were repeated, recall easier


What are the 2 studies into pronunciation time and STM capacity?

Schweikert and Boruff 1986: consistently remember what can be said in 1.5-2 seconds
Naveh-Benjamin and Ayres 1986: Arabic and English, Arabic = digit span shorter, words longer to pronounce


What are the 3 factors affecting the duration of STM?

Maintenance rehearsal (items disappear when rehearsal prevented), deliberate intention recall, amount of information to be retained


Who conducted research on deliberate intention to recall and duration of STM?

Sebrechts 1989: 3 common nouns then unexpected recall test, info vanishes if conscious effort not made to retain it


Who conducted research on amount of information to be retained and the duration of STM?

Murdoch 1961: 1 or 3 three lettered words, accurate recall at 90% after 18s for single word (number of info chunks important)


What are the 2 factors which affect encoding in STM?

Sound of words (acoustic) or visual encoding


What are the 2 studies on sound of word and STM encoding?

Conrad 1964: STM relies on acoustic encoding
Baddeley 1966: compare acoustic with semantic similarity, STM relies on sound rather than mean


Who conducted research into visual encoding and STM?

Brandimonte 1992: visual coding can be used, similar images and asked to record in order, 2.7/6 named


What are the 3 factors affecting duration of LTM?

Childhood amnesia (children can't organise memories), how duration is measured: better recall via recognition, thorough learning


Who conducted research into thorough learning and LTM duration?

Bahrick and Hall 1991:
algebra and geometry, studied at high school or at college, college = high accuracy even 55 years later