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what happens to charges between a balloon and wall that allow the balloon to stick to the wall?

in the negative balloon, negative charges push the other negatives away and attract the positive, making the wall positive.


what is the analogy between an electrical circuit and a system that carries water? what do the different parts stand for?

wires (electrical current) are like water pipes (water current)


in a sentence or two relate the following terms: positive charge, negative charge, attract & repel

-positive attracts to negative
-negative repel from negative & positive repel from positive


when talking about voltage, the terms that are important are ______ per unit ______. why is a voltage, or "potential," difference important between the two ends of a battery?

-energy, charge
-a potential difference supplies energy to make charges flow


what is the voltage on a aa battery? aaa? d?

aa- 1.5v
aaa- 1.5v
d- 1.5v
--------------------------all are 1.5 volts


what are the safety devices in chapter 7 that react to specific levels of current?

fuses, circuit breakers, gfci (ground fault circuit interrupter)


what is the difference between ac and dc?

ac- alternating current, flows 2 ways
dc- direct current, flows one way


name some good conductors of electricity

any metal
ex.) copper, silver, gold


name some good insulators of electricity

wood, plastic, glass


what are the units of measurement for voltage, current, and resistance?

voltage- volts
current- amps
resistance- ohms


in a sentence or two relate the following terms: open circuit, closed
circuit, on, & off

open = off
closed = on