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What was enclosure?

When landowners began to considerate the small strips into large fields.


Why was enclosure important to the industrial revolution?

Larger fields meant that farmers spent less time working the land and could work it more profitably. Farming also Evans's a business. New plants and animals were introduced and farming could became more mechanized.


Disadvantages of cottage industries

- Weaving/spinning was generally poorly paid
- people worked long hours for little in return
- Individual cottages worked alone


Advantages of cottage industries

- Working in homes meant that they could look after their families
- They were able to work/live in their own communities
- The income benefited their families


Jobs children had

- Run in and out of the working power looms and use their small hands to pick out loose threads or tangles
- Small boys cleared out the soot in chimneys and cleaned the chimneys
- canning food
- Picking berries or shells
- pushing coal carts through mine tunnels


Dangers children faced while working

- Exposed pollution from coal-burning
- The air was filled with fluff in the Textile factories which got deep in children's lungs
- Loud machines and looms have off deafening loud sounds
- They were always beaten from overtime shifts


Why did children have to work?

- Their families needed money so they sent their children to go work as soon as they were mature enough
- Not a lot of children went to school, so they wouldn't have anything else to do but work
- They were small and people needed someone their size to work for them