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How is the general able to finance his expensive lifestyle

He is able to finance it because he invested heavily into American securities unlike most Russians he didn't lose anything


What did Zaroff promise if Rainsford won the hunt

He promised him that he would acknowledge his defeat and bring Rainsford back to the mainland


Who is Lazarus

He's one of their of hunting dogs and he followed a man into quicksand and sunk


Where did Rainsford spend the first night

He spends the first night of the hunt attempting to sleep in a massive tree


Why does Zaroff suggest that Rainsford wears moccasins

Because it leaves a poor trail


Describe Rainsford

Smart always think things through he's very good and skilled hunter but also quite stubborn and is very resourceful


Describe Zaroffs dining room and what it says about him

His dining room seen the medieval and had a very high ceiling and had a vast dining room table and mounted animal heads all around he had very nice China Crystal and silver this tells us that the general has a very extravagant lifestyle also that he loves hunting


What is Rainsford's previous hunting experience

He hunted around the world also hunting Jaguars and has also written a book on hunting


Why did Rainsford believe that the general knew he was in the tree

He knew that the general knew because he looks up to the point where he was hiding he smiled and walked away


Where does the general get the men from

He takes the men traveling on ship when Providence doesn't work zaroff causes giant rocks with razor edges to form jaws then They have to go to the island and it's known as Ship Trap Island


When did Rainsford kill the general

Just as the general was getting into bed


How is Rainsford fit like how do you know

I know because he could run for his life on the hounds came and you can climb trees really fast and was able to swim and get back at the island really fast


Why did the general pick an island for this

Because It could trap ships and you can't get away easy


Do you think Rainsford was justified in his actions

I don't think he was just fine in his actions at the end because since he won he could've gotten taken back to the mainland also if Rainsford didn't kill him Zaroff would've kept hunting people but since Rainsford changed at the end he takes his bed I think he continued doing the hunt


What was the point of you in the short story Charles

His mother


Who is the antagonist in the short story Charles

Society because it was against what Charles was doing


How is there foreshadowing in the short story Charles

Who was it Laurie thought Charles and when he was rude to his dad


How did jimmy's father die

He was in by 10 foot Tonu


What happened to Jim Tom when he tried to save him

He was paralyzed


Who acts as the centennial in the story the reef

Jim Tom does because he needed to warn him of the depths of the sea


List the five animals that cause them grief in the reef

A purple black sea urchin because it pierced Jimmy's hands after grabbing the sponge
Pilot fish because it lured the Tigershark towards jim
The Tigershark because it chased Jimmy up to his canoe and almost got him
The Conger eel because it took grasp of Jimmy's wrists when grabbing the shell
The great white squid because it attacked the canoe at night and nearly killed Jim Tom


What is the theme of the reef

Enough is plenty
They have gotten a lot of money off what they've got so it's not worth risking their lives to get more


What is the foreshadowing in the short story the snow woman

The title gives it away and also when she describes her affection towards her son and her motherhood


What is an external conflict in the short story the snow woman

The blizzard and weather and money


What is an internal conflict in the short story the snow woman

Relationship between mother and child and not wanting to ruin that


What is the theme in the short story the snow woman

Greed versus compassion


What is indirect characterization

When the author shows the character in action and lets the reader draw their own conclusions


What is direct characterization

When the author tells the reader about the character directly


What is dramatic irony

A technique that increases suspense by letting readers know more than the characters


What is imagery

You subselect details describe one thing in terms of another and it helps suggest additional meanings and feelings


What is an omniscient point of view

If the author is outside the story and presents the thoughts of all characters involved


What is a limited point of view

What a story is told from the point of view of a character who can only see a part of the whole story


What are the four main purposes of the exposition

-introduce main characters
-give an idea of the setting
-give clues about the action
-to spark the readers interest


What happens in the initial problem

A crisis of some type arises for the main character that he or she must work at resolving this problem leads to a sequence of events


What is the climax

It constitutes the major portion of the plot is the series of steps that develop the clues and actions hinted at the introduction
- turning point of the story the high points of interest in the story where the main conflict is resolved


What is the falling action

The part of the story following the climax leading to the resolution in which there is a sharp decline in dramatic tension


What is the conclusion

Usually follows after the climax and explains any details that couldn't be explained before the climax


What is a short story

A piece of prose fiction with the six characteristics


What are the six characteristics of a short story

- can be read in a single sitting
-develops a single incident
-takes place at one location
- small group of characters
- happens in a short amount of time


What are short stories in comparison to novels

Short stories Are stories of plot whereas novels are stories of character


What are the four main parts of a short story

- plot


What is the plot of the story

Action of the story and Has 5 main parts
-initial problem
-rising action


What is conflict

A clash of opposing forces persons or ideas or emotions used to heighten interest


What is internal conflict

Human versus himself


What is external conflict

Human versus human or human versus nature or human versus the unknown


What is the setting

The setting of the story serve different functions on the action and the emotional affect it has on the reader and in some stories the setting might almost be considered the characters


What are the short story functions of setting

- provides a backdrop for the action it provides a physical backdrop
- sheep's character in action provides a background environments that shakes the attitudes and actions of the characters in the story
- The flex character psychology and in some cases the setting even symbolically reflects the inner feelings of the characters of the working of the story conflict


How do others create setting

There are two big methods or techniques that authors use to create setting the first is details and the second is sensory images


How did these details in setting

By building their descriptions of setting with realistic details authors make the story seem more believable


How do others use sensory images and setting

By describing settings and images that appeal to the readers senses the author creates a vivid atmosphere that readers can associate with settings in their own experience


What is theme

A short story them is defined as what the stories about the problems or issues it is a threat or idea or many threads that run through the whole story


What specifically is theme

Remember that theme is not a summary of a plot theme is a universal idea suggested by the specifics of the story and as stated in general terms


What do true themes hold purpose to

They hold true for the entire story not just part of it they are the central ideas that state the essential meaning of the story


What are some common themes

- struggle between good and evil
- difference between nature and civilized society
-conflict between the individual and the community
- difference between country and city life
- conflict between free will and fate


What are some things that can help you identify the theme of the story

The title be important images or symbols of the story the general observations made by the author narrator or characters in the story or any moral suggested by outcome of the conflict


What are characters in the short story

Characters are the most important element for the short story we need to be interested in who the story is about in order for us to appreciate what the story is about and where it happens


Understanding characters

They are defined by the qualities that make them think feel and act in certain ways
- values what do they value what is most important to them
- feelings what emotions do they feel most strongly
- goals what are the greatest hopes what are they working to accomplish
- problems what characters are circumstances are keeping character from achieving goals


What is the difference between a business and a friendly letter

A business letter is always typed it is formal it is directed to clients customers an organization or business the heading is in the left margin and it states your name and return address and it usually finishes with the signature at the end
No Indents

A friendly letter is usually hand written and it is informal it is directed to friends or family member the heading has the address and date it usually starts with deer and then a, and there is an indent at each new paragraph