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What is the topic sentence

A good paragraph contains a sentence that states the focus or topic of a paragraph


What is paragraph unity

Every sentence in a paragraph should be closely related to the topic sentence its progression of ideas should be smooth and logical and it should only contain the essential details


What are paragraph details

Good paragraphs are filled with facts examples and illustrations


What are the four types of paragraphs

Narrative descriptive expository and persuasive


What is a narrative paragraph

It tells the story of one kind or another it should have a clear progression beginning middle and end it's a story about you


What is a descriptive paragraph

Is one in which the sentences work together to present a single and clear picture of a person place thing or idea


What is an expository paragraph

Is one the presents that gives directions defined terms and so on this type of writing can be used when you wish to present or explain facts or ideas


What is a persuasive paragraph

Is one the presents info to support our prove a point and it expresses an opinion and tries to convince the reader that the opinion is correct or valid


Describe the melodrama

It's dramatic and over exaggerated their stereo typical characters and music add swelling


Define idiom

Common expression understood figuratively at the literal definition makes no sense


What is a cliché

Mummified remnants of a colorful phrase turn the meaningless by excessive use it as a phrase a metaphor that was one sparkling original but now is dead through overuse