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Short term memory stores and allows recall of information for a period of several seconds up to 30 seconds without rehearsal. Its capacity is very limited.


Duration of STM

- Duration is a measure of how long a memory can last before it can no longer be recalled.
- STM maximum duration is between 18-30 seconds without rehearsal.


Duration of STM - Peterson & Peterson

- Participants presented w/ a constant trigram.
- To prevent maintenance rehearsal they were asked to count backwards in threes.
- After intervals of either 3,6,9,12,15 or 18 seconds, they had to repeat the trigram.
- Participants could remember 90% after 3s, 20% after 9s and less than 10% after 18s.
- In conclusion, information decays quickly when you can't rehearse it.
- After more research we concluded that STM max duration is between 18-30s without rehearsal.