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This ligament forms a roof over the humeral head and helps to

- limit superior translation of the humeral head
- prevent separation of the AC jt

coracoacromial ligament


This ligament surrounds the AC jt on all sides and helps to control horizontal movements of the clavicle

acromioclavicular ligament


This ligament acts as the primary support of the AC joint, limiting superior translation of the clavicle

coracoclavicular ligament


The coracoclavicular ligament consists of:

- conoid ligament
- trapezoid ligament


This ligament helps to unite the supraspinatus and subscapularis tendons and limits inferior translation of the humeral head

coracohumeral ligament


This ligament attaches between the medial portion of the clavicle and the first rib and is the primary supporting ligament for the SC jt

costoclavicular ligament


This ligament limits shoulder adduction as well as ER with shoulder in 0-45˚ abduction

superior glenohumeral ligament


This ligament limits shoulder ER in 45-90˚ abduction

middle glenohumeral ligament


This ligament has an anterior and posterior band that limits ER/IR above 90˚ abduction. Between the two bands is an axillary pouch that limits inferior translation when the shoulder is above 90˚ abduction

interior glenohumeral ligament


This consists of a dense fibrous connective tissue that is often damaged with recurrent shoulder instability

glenoid labrum


From where does the joint capsule arise?

arises from the glenoid fossa and glenoid labrum to blend with the RC muscles


The joint capsule is twice as large as the size of the humeral head and is reinforced by the

- GH ligaments
- coracohumeral ligament


What is the rotator interval?

space in the anterosuperior shoulder that consists of and is bordered by
- coracohumeral ligament
- superior GH ligament
- jt capsule
- supraspinatus/subscapularis tendons


Where is the subacromial bursa located?

- over supraspinatus tendon/distal mm belly
- under acromion and deltoid


This bursa overlies the anterior jt capsule and lies beneath the subscapularis muscle

Anterior shoulder fullness may indicate articular effusion 2/2 distention of the bursa

subscapular bursa


This ligament spans the bicipital groove

transverse humeral ligament