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What types of muscles and how many are there in forearm and upper arm

forearm=5 superficial, 3 deep
upper arm=3 superficial, 5 deep, 3 extra lateral


Label humerus

ref. notes greater tubercle, lesser tubercle, intertubercular sulcus (biceps attach), deltoid tuberosity, lateral supracondylar ridge, radial fossa, coronoid fossa, capitulum, olecranon fossa, medial epicondylle, lateral epicondyle, medial supracondylar ridge, radial groove,


Label the elbow joint

ref. notes


what kind of joint is the radial capitular joint and what is it responsible for

synovial hinge
pronation, supination, extension, flexion


What lig.are responsible for supporting elbow joint and label

anular lig. radius, radial collateral lig., ulnar collateral lig.


Functions of biceps brachii and its attachment

Function: supination->flexing forearm. stabilises shoulder. If elbow at 90 deg and forrearm supinated=flexor, if forearm pronated=supinator
Attachment: Long head arise from supraglenoid tubercle, short head from corocoid process, at the bottom it attaches to radial tuberosity and bicipital aponeurosis (gives added support+protection to brachial artery+medial n.)


What does corachobracilalis do and where does it attach

Function: helps adduct and flex arm, stabilises shoulder
Attachment: coracoid process to midshaft of humerus


What does brachialis do and where does it attach

Function: flexor of forearm (more power than biceps)
Attachment: arises from anterior shaft of humerus and attaches to coronoid process and ulnar tuberosity


What are the muscles of the anterior arm innervated by

Musculocutaneous nerve (C5-7) derived from lateral cord of brachial plexus innervates biceps brachii, brachialis, coracobrachialis


What are the different parts of the muscles of triceps brachii and where do they arise from

long head-arises from infraglenoid tubercle of scapula
medial head-arises from medial surface shaft of humerus
lateral head-from lateral surface of shaft of humerus
(triceps tendon attaches to olecranon of ulna)


What are the bursae of elbow and where are they

subtendinous bursa-between humerus and triceps tendon
intratendinous-inside triceps tendon
olecranon bursa-beneath olecranonprotects skin from tuberosity


where does radial n. arise from, what route does it take and what does it innervate

arises C5-8, T1
Innervates posterior (extensor) compartment of arm and forearm
radial n.->radiial n. in radial groove->superficial and posterior branch of radial nerve