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About how many Americans have no health insurance?

50 million


Who discussed the Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO’s) on tape?

Robert S. Bell


When does the U.S. Health Care system profit the most?

When a patient is in need of medication


When does the British Health Care system pay MDs more?

When doctor treat patients better and change their life for the better


In the U.S., who’s afraid of whom?

Health care industry is afraid of Michael Moore


In France, who’s afraid of whom?

The industry is afraid of the people


In Sicko, what arguments about health care does Michael Moore make?

Every American must have healthcare coverage, health care corporations must be public, not private


The professor argued that there are a few problems with Michael Moore’s SICKO, as with any film, but what did he say?

Not Sure


Moore argues that we need to focus on whom?

The people


Former U.S. health care exec and whistleblower Wendel Potter says they reacted to Moore’s Sicko by doing what?

He tried to discredit Michael Moore and the film


Does Moore show us what happens to people WITH healthcare, or WITHOUT healthcare, in the U.S.?

People that are left without covarage have to find other place, such as countries whether it is European or Latin America to take care of them selves which is many times cheaper and sometimes better.