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Legacy of War


August 1918- Battle of Amiens signals beginning of German retreat

Allies breach Hindenburg line

September 29th 1928- Field Marshal HIndenburg didn’t want to surrender.

October 1918- Max von Barden appointed Chancellor
-1000 sailors disobeyed order saying it was a suicide mission which led to revolts over food Kiel mutiny

Early November: Reichstag declare country a republic on the 9th and the abdication of the kaiser ends WW1 (11th of November)


The ‘Stab in the back’ myth


Believed the fail of the war was by the betrayal of socialists, communists, Jews and democratic politicians

Many cartoons still made years later about the stab in the back myth, didn’t have to label anyone as it was so easily recognisable


Treaty of Versailles


It would bring new problems;

  • Such as the German people did not want to sign it but felt out of obligation that they had to.
  • It is too hard to carry out so it won’t work