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What are the symptoms of heart failure?

- Dyspnoea (reduced lung compliance or increased respiratory rate)
- Orthopnea
- Loss of energy and tiredness


What suggests right sided heart failure?

- Peripheral oedema
- Hepatomegaly
- Elevated JVP
- Ascites
- Nausea
- Anorexia
- Facial engorgement
- Epistaxis


What suggests left sided heart failure?

- dyspnoea
- poor exercise tolerance
- fatigue
- orthopnea
- nocturnal cough (+/-pink frothy sputum)
- wheeze
- nocturia
- cold peripheries
- weight loss
- Bibasal crepitations (pulmonary oedema)


What causes pulmonary oedema?

The normal pooling of blood in the lungs in the supine position is added to the chronically congested vasculature; increased venous return cannot be compensated for by the left ventricle.


What is the NYHA scale for heart failure?

NYHA1: no symptoms and no limitation in ordinary physical activity
2: mild symptoms and slight limitation
3: marked limitation in activity due to symptoms, even during less than ordinary activity
4: severe limitations, experiences symptoms even while at rest


What are the signs for heart failure?

- Pulmonary oedema/pleural effusion (basal crepitations)
- Elevated JVP
- Pitting oedema
- Ascites
- Tachycardia
- S3 gallop
- Enlarged liver


What are the peripheral signs of infective endocarditis?

- Petechial
- Sublingual (splinter) haemorrhages: dark red linear lesions in the nail beds
- Osler nodes: tender subcutaneous nodules usually found in distal pads of digits
- Janeway lesions: non-tender maculae on the palms and soles
- Roth spots: retinal haemorrhages with small, clear centres


What is the presentation of infective endocarditis?

Fever + new murmur = endocarditis until proven otherwise
Any fever lasting >1 week in those known to be at risk must prompt blood cultures


What are the septic signs of infective endocarditis?

- Fever
- Rigors
- Night sweats
- Malaise
- Anaemia
- Splenomegaly
- Clubbing


What are the cardiac lesions signs of infective endocarditis?

- Any new murmur or change in pre-existing murmur
- Vegetations may cause valve destruction and severe regurgitation or valve obstruction


What are the immune complex depositions in IE?

- Vasculitis
- Microscopic haematuria
- Glomerulonephritis
- Roth spots
- Splinter haemorrhages
- Osler's nodes