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1. You are delivering a presentation on the medication, adallmumab, but you have no idea how to pronounce it. Which resource could you help you with this? Once you identify the correct resource, be sure you listen to the correct pronunciation of adallmumab.

a. EAnswers
b. Clinical Pharmacology

a. EAnswers; Yes; there is a pronunciation icon that will play an audio clip of the drug name


2. A patient asks you whether she can take pantoprozole while she is pregnant. Which resource is best to use in eAnswers?
a. Cancer Chemotherapy Manual
b. Briggs’ Monograph
c. Off-label Drug Facts
d. Review of Natural Products

b. Briggs’ Monograph(Yes; this detailed information on the use of drugs in pregnancy and lactation can be found via the drug monograph in both eAnswers via Pregnancy in Drug Facts and Comparisons) and Clinical Pharmacology (via Pregnancy and lactation ))


4. You are asked to develop a presentation on the treatment of gout. You need to know what medications are FDA approved for the treatment of gout. What would be the best way to find such a list in Clinical Pharmacology?
a. Product Comparison Report
b. Find by Indication
c. Clinical Comparison Report
d. Find by classification

b. Find by Indication (Yes; The function in Clinical Pharmacology allows you to search by a specific use/indication of a medication)


6. You are on rotation in the hospital pharmacy. A nurse calls to ask if she can run promethazine with cisplatin for y-site administration. Where should you look for this information?
a. EAnswers
b. Clinical Pharmacology

a. clinical pharmacology


7. A physician tells you his colleague mentioned the use of Carvedilol for rosacea. He knows that the FDA has not approved its use for this indication, but wants addition information. Which of the following resources is the best starting point?
a. A to Z Drug Facts
b. Clinical Pharmacology
c. Cancer Chemotherapy Manual
d. Facts and Comparisons Off-Label

d. Facts and Comparisons Off-Label (Yes; Facts and comparisons Off-Label is a specialty resource for evidence supporting off label uses of medications in addition to off-label doses, dosage forms/routes, and patient populations)


9. When conducting a search for a medication (such as Warfarin) in eAnswers, which database products the first results?
a. Drug Facts and Comparisons
b. A or Z Drug Facts
c. Off-label Drug Facts
d. ToxFacts

a. Drug Facts and Comparisons Note that your initial search results go directly to Drug Facts and Comparisons, the main drug information resource in eAnswers. If you want another database of specific information, you must select it specifically by clicking Drug Indexes on the right side of the home search screen.)


Which resource, eAnswers or Clinical Pharmacology, allows you to screen for drug interactions and customize your search with additional patient information, such as disease state information, pregnancy and lactation status, and allergies?
a. EAnswers
b. Clinical pharmacology

a. EAnswers (This is a unique feature of eAnswers. You are able to customize the drug-drug interaction search and account for other potential interactions)


Difference between eAnswers and clinical pharmacology

eAnswers: toxicity

Clinical pharmacology: manufacturers, lab references