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How do you activate Siri to issue a command?

Press and hold the Home button.

Try it! Press & hold, and/or (if you have an iPhone 6S or later) just say "Hey Siri". She should pop up a black screen and will be listening for the next thing you say.


How do you get Siri to remember that a certain contact is your [mom, husband, brother, etc.]?

"[Contact Name] is my [relationship]".

e.g. "Jane Smith is my mom"


How do you start a phone call with Siri?

"Call [Contact Name/Alias]"

e.g. "Call Mom at work." "Call Jane Smith on mobile." "Call Jane Smith." "Call Joe Schmoe on speaker."


How do you send someone a text message with Siri?

"Text [Contact Name]"

e.g. "Text Mom". Then Siri will ask you what you want to say.


How do you get Siri to add periods, commas, or question marks to your text while speaking?

Just say the names of the punctuation marks!

e.g. "I'm going to the store [comma] so I can't pick you up [period] Try calling your dad"


How do you send an email using Siri?

"Email [Contact Name]"

e.g. "Email Joe Schmoe." Then Siri will ask you for the Subject line and the main email content.


How do you start a FaceTime call with Siri?

"FaceTime [Contact Name]"

e.g. "FaceTime Mom". (Note: Only works if they have an iPhone or Mac.)


How do you ask Siri a math question?

Just ask!

e.g. "What's 17 times 247?" or "What's the square root of Pi?"


How do you get Siri to convert units?

(e.g. convert quarts to ounces)

Just ask!

e.g. "How many ounces are in 2.7 quarts?" or "How many kilometers is 7 miles?" or "How many dollars are in a Euro?"


How do you set an alarm with Siri?

"Set my alarm for [time]"

e.g. "Set an alarm for 7:30am."


How do you set a timer with Siri?

(e.g. for a short nap, or for the oven)

"Set the timer for 15 minutes."

Or even just "Wake me up in 15 minutes."


How do you get Siri to set a basic reminder for a specific time?

"Remind me [XYZ] at [time]"

e.g. "Remind me to preheat the oven at 11:30pm."


How do you get Siri to set a reminder when you leave or arrive somewhere?

Many options:

e.g. "When I get home, remind me to ...."

"When I leave here, remind me to ...."

"When I get to work, remind me to ...."

[You may need to first tell Siri where your Home and Work are.]


How do you get Siri to open an app for you?

"Open [App Name]"

e.g. "Open Brainscape". This option is especially useful if you can't find a certain app in your folders.


How do you ask the score of a sports game?

"What's the score of the [team] game?"

e.g. "What's the score of the Bears game?" or "What's the score of the Georgia Men's Basketball game?"


What are some other examples of things you can ask about sports?

"What time do the Knicks play?"

"What are the rankings in the NFC East?"

"Who leads the major league in homeruns?"

"What’s Brandon Belt’s batting average?”

"What's the Patriots' schedule?"


What are some things you can ask Siri about movies or TV history?

"What actors were in Cheers?"

"What movie had Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?"

"In what year did The Empire Strikes Back come out?"



How can you ask Siri for the weather?

Many options:

e.g. "What is the weather today?"

"Is it going to rain today?"

"What is the temperature outside?"

"What's the weather in Atlanta on Wednesday?" etc.


How do you ask Siri questions about holiday dates?

"What day is [Holiday] this year?"

e.g. "What day is Thanksgiving this year?" "When does Daylight Savings Time begin?" etc.


How do you ask Siri basic questions about countries?

Many possible facts (coming from the Wolphram Alpha database):

e.g. "What's the population of Zimbabwe?"

"What's the capital of Vietnam?"

"Who is the President of France?"

"Show me the Canadian flag"



How do you ask Siri basic questions about celebrities or politicians?

Many possible facts (coming from the Wikipedia quick entries):

e.g. "Where was Mark Zuckerberg born?"

"How old is Justin Beiber?"

"How tall is Michelle Obama?"



How do you ask Siri to translate something into another language?

"How do you say [X] in [language Y]?"

e.g. "How do you say 'headphones' in Spanish?"


How do you ask Siri about a time zone?

"What time is it in [location]?"

e.g. "What time is it in Shanghai?"


How can you get Siri to define a word?

"What does [X] mean?"

or "Define [X]"

e.g. "What does 'cantankerous' mean?"


How can you get Siri to look up a word in the Thesaurus?

"What is a synonym of [X]?"

e.g. "What is a synonym for 'great'?"


How get you get Siri to tell you what song is currently playing in the room?

"What song is this?"

[Siri may take a few seconds before answering]


How do you get Siri to do a regular web search?

Just ask any question, and she'll Google it.

However, for many non-standard questions, she will not be able to read the content to you aloud. She can only show it on a screen.


How do you get Siri to check a stock price?

"What's the stock price of [X]?"

or "What is [X]'s stock price?"


How do you have Siri correct the pronunciation of a contact's name?

  1. Say a contact's name so it shows up on the screen.
  2. Then tap again and say "You're pronouncing their name wrong"
  3. Follow Siri's directions.


How can you get Siri to read you your calendar events for the day?

"What's on my calendar for today?"

or "What do I have going on today?"