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Barrier pipe is commonly used on greenfield sites; true or false?

False, barrier pipe is used on brownfield sites with contaminated land.


What is barrier pipe used for?

Safe transportation of drinking water through contaminated ground.


Why is regular MDPE not used in contaminated land?

There is a risk of ground pollutants, in particular hydrocarbons, getting into the drinking water.


What 2 materials make up SLA barrier pipe?

A PE inner and outer core, with an aluminium middle layer.


SLA barrier pipe should be used near cemeteries, flood plains and agricultural land; true or false?

True, all are at risk of introducing contaminants into drinking water.


What process identifies if ground contaminants are present?

Soil analysis (during planning process).


180mm SLA barrier pipe should be used in trunk mains applications; true or false?

True, 180mm+ is typically used for trunk mains.


What size SLA barrer pipe should be used for mains supply to large house building developments?

90 - 180mm SLA barrier pipe.


What advantage does having an inner black PE layer give SLA barrier pipe?

Easier to identify if the aluminium is compromised if the pipe is damaged.


Name the four sizes of SLA barrier pipe with diameters under 100mm.

25mm, 32mm, 63mm and 90mm.


Why is wrapping required for electrofusion fittings or butt fusion welding?

It provides protection from contaminants at the joint.


SLA barrier pipe is available in coils for which diameters?

25mm, 32mm, 63mm, 90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm & 180mm.


Sticks of SLA barrier pipe are not available for which pipe diameters?

25mm & 32mm.


What is the name of the most popular barrier pipe in the UK market, and who manufacturers it?

Protecta-Line from GPS


What is the difference between Type A & Type B barrier pipe?

Type B barrier pipe outside diameter is the true OD of the pipe. Type A outside diameter is larger than the nominal stated outside diameter (e.g. 25mm SLA barrier pipe is actually 26.2mm - 27.4mm OD)


SLA barrier pipe is manufactured from PE80; true or false?

False, SLA barrier pipe is manufactured from PE100.


What are the main advantages of PE100 over PE80?

PE100 is a tougher material and is less likely to damage when handling and installing.


What does the brown stripe indicate?

That the pipe is multi-layered.


There are 5 types of connections for SLA barrier pipe. Name these connections and their available sizes.

Pushfit Fittings (25 - 32mm); Gunmetal Compression Fittings (25 - 63mm); Hydraulic Compression Fittings (63 - 180mm); Electrofusion Fittings (25 - 630mm); Butt Fusion Welding (25 - 630mm).


Which connection types for SLA barrier pipe do not require wrapping?

Pushfit Fittings; Gunmetal Compression Fittings; Hydraulic Compression Fittings


Only fittings supplied by Westwood Pipelines can be used with SLA barrier pipe; true or false?

True, only fittings supplied by Westwood Pipelines should be used with SLA barrier pipe.


PE80 and PE100 are two major pipeline products. By what other name or refernce are they sometimes refered too?

PE80 - MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) ; PE100 - HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene)


What is the WIS approval for barrier pipe?

WIS 4-32-19


SLA barrier pipe is available in 16 diameters. Name the sizes mainly used by self lay contractors.

90mm, 110mm, 125mm, 160mm, 180mm


Why can't regular MDPE fittings be used with SLA barrier pipe?

The pipe outside diameter is larger than MDPE fittings, so they won't fit. They will also likely introduce contaminants into the water supply.


Why is SLA barrier pipe dark blue, and competitors' products are light blue?

SLA is Manufactured from PE100, whereas competitor's products are manufactured from PE80.


SLA barrier pipe is available in 16 diameters. Name the sizes mainly used by groundworkers or house builders.

25mm, 32mm, 63mm.


If the soil condition is unknown, regular MDPE should be used; true or false?

False, if contamination is unknown SLA barrier pipe should be used. Better safe than sorry!


Name the only UK manufacturer and product that has the same wide range of diamater as SLA barrier pipe.

GPS Protecta-Line


The Water Industry Standard, WIS 4-32-19, referes to Barrier Pipe Systems and requires the pipe and fittings to be tested and approved together; true or false?



With regards to SLA barrier pipe; what do the letters SLA stand for?

Safety Line Aluminium