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What type of coastline is it

it is both a high and low energy coastline-- high energy as it contains a bay between two headlands. but also contains depositional landforms eg barrier beach formed by constructive waves


start point is a ...

high energy area as it is a headland, so experiences wave refraction


what is the key strategy along slapton and how is it put in place

hold the line, achieved by the use of hard engineering in village locations and soft engineering in AONB


key strategies in place at Hallsands

north village protected by rip rap and newer properties set back from the sea.
still doesn't have lots of protection from the beach due to dredging 100 years ago


impact of 2014 storm Imogen on Hallsands and Beesands

gouged out large parts of the defences at Hallsands and Beesands. £95,000 was spent on replenishing the existing defences at Beesands. rock armour has now been put in place at Hallsands for a cost of £20,000 to the residents (council wouldn't pay for it)


details of the road realignment at Torcross in 2002

a new two way road was built 21m back from the previous carriageway . 12,000 tonnes of shingle was taken from street gate to build 2 bastions to help protect the line


why was road realignment at Torcross chosen as the best option for coastal management in that area

costs less
has less adverse environmental impact


what is the council doing to help plan for future issues

putting in a forward planning workshop - a sustainable and pragmatic approach and helps involve the locals to make sure they have their say


what was the recommended management policy

the report makes recommendations to the Slapton Line Partnership for a Management Policy for the Slapton Line. recommends what to do in the future


How long are the revetments that protect the car park



How long is the sea wall at torcross



Where does rock armour protect



When was a report by Plymouth uni commissioned



What did the Plymouth uni report look at

Effectiveness of current defences
Determine future approach to shoreline management


What shows that the current defences are not sustainable

January 2018 storm destroyed the road, still not fixed


What approach was taken

Shoreline management plan