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What is difficulty sleeping (uncategorized)

insomnia (uncategorized)


what is feeling sleepy throughout the day (uncategorized)

hyper somnolence disorder (uncategorized)


What is recurrent attacks of irrepressible need to sleep (uncategorized)

Narcolepsy (uncategorized)


What is insomnia or excessive sleepiness due to misalignment or alteration in endogenous circadian rhythm (uncategorized)

circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorder (uncategorized)


What is uncomfortable, frequent urge to move legs at night? (uncategorized)

restless legs syndrome (uncategorized)


What is disturbance in sleep (insomnia or daytime sleepiness) caused by substance/medication intoxication or withdrawal? (uncategorized)

Substance/ medication induced sleep disorder (uncategorized)


What is breathing issues due to obstruction? (breathing related sleep disorders)

OSA hypopnea (breathing related sleep disorders)


What is breathing issues due to aberrant brain signalling (breathing related sleep disorders)

Central sleep apnea (breathing related sleep disorders)


What is breathing issues due to decreased responsiveness to carbon dioxide levels (breathing related sleep disorders)

Sleep related hypoventilation (breathing related sleep disorders)


What is incomplete awakening form sleep, complex motor behaviour without conscious awareness; amnesia regarding episodes including sx of sleepwalking, sleep terrors (parasomnias)

Non rapid eye movement sleep arousal disorders (parasomnias)


What is repeated extended, extremely dysphoric, often very vivid, well remembered dreams that usually involve significant threats, rapid orientation and alertness on awakening with autonomic arousal (parasomnias)

Nightmare disorder (parasomnias)


What is arousal during sleep, associated with vocalization and or complex motor behaviours; can cause violent injuries, rapid orientation and alertness on awakening(parasomnias)

Rapid eye movement sleep behaviour disorder (parasomnias)


What is rising from bed and walking about, blank face, unresponsive, awakened with difficulty (parasomnias) Symptoms of _______

Sleepwalking (parasomnias) Symptoms of non REM sleep arousal disorders


What is recurrent episodes of abrupt terror arousals from sleep, usually beginning with a panicky scream, intense fear and autonomic arousal (parasomnias) Symptom of _______

Sleep Terrors (parasomnias) Symptoms of non REM sleep arousal disorders


What are the three categories of sleep disorders?

Uncategorized, breathing related sleep disorders, parasomnias


What is the preferable non pharmacologic tx of sleep disorders (class and names of three drugs)

Non Benzo's (trazodone, zoplicone, quetiapine)


increased acetylcholine activity and decreased MOA activity is associated with (less/more) REM sleep

Increased acetylcholine and decreased MOA = MORE REM sleep


decreased adrenergic and decreased cholinergic activity are associated with (NREM/REM) sleep

decreased adrenergic and decreased cholinergic activity are associated with NREM sleep


Depression is associated with (increased/decreased) delta sleep, (increased/decreased) REM lately, (increased/decreased REM density

Depression = decreased delta, decreased REM latency, increased REM density