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Name the 3 groups we place snails into

  1. Land snails
  2. Sea Snails
  3. Freshwater Snails


Discuss the body structure of the Garden Snail (5)

  • Big foot muscle
  • Shell
  • Well-developed head
  • 2 eyes on own stalks
  • 2 tentacles


How does a Snail move? (2)

  • Contracting his foot muscle
  • Also gives off slimy substance that lubricates surface for less resistance and friction



What does Snails eat /

In what class is the Snail when it comes to nutrition?

  1. Garden snails - herbivores - leaves, stems & flowers
  2. Larger species - omnivores or rarely carnivorous - small insects and dead animal matter


Discuss respiration of Snails:

How have snails adapted? (2)

Land Snails? (5)

Snails that live in water? (1)

  • Snails have adapted due to their premeable skin (allowing gasses to pass through it) that makes it possible for respiration in most environments.
  • *Land snails can breath through their skin for short time, * they have lungs in their shells.  *A muscular valve controls gasses in and out of lungs.  *Lungs are connected to the breathing opening and this is *where oxygen enters and carbon dioxide leaves
  • Snails that lives in water has gills and NO lungs


Discuss Water Balance with Snails

  • Same valve that control gasses also responsible for prevention of water loss
  • Valve prevents snail from drowning
  • Keeps right amount of fluid in snails body
  • In very dry conditions snails retract foot muscle for minimum exposure to dry environment, prevents snail from drying out


Reproduction of Snails

  • Are Hermaphrodites (Male+Female)
  • Two snails fertilize each other during mating
  • 200 eggs formed in each snail
  • eggs laid 3-6 days after mating
  • Snails makes nest with muscle foot in soil to lay eggs in.
  • Juvenile takes 2 years to reach maturity


What Snails Senses are best and how

Smell and touch

Snails use tentacles with chemoreceptors for smell and touch, they use this to find food and study environment.


Role of the Snail in Ecosystem

Very important for cleaning

Eat dead organic material

Prey on harmful parasites

keep garden clean of unwanted guest

Snails are important food source for others


When there is to many snails in one area they can damage a garden.



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