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Arachnids mean

8 legs, a cephalothorax and abdomen, no antennae, 1 set of pedipalps. Arachnids are known for spinning webs like spiders, although there are some arachnids that do not spin webs such as ticks and scorpions


Crustaceans mean

The different species differ from each other with regards to their number of legs. They have 2 sets of antennae and the fronts legs are modified to pincers. An example of Crustaceans is the crab


Insects mean

6 legs, 3 main body parts, 1 set of antennae and most likely wings. An example is the grasshopper


Diplopods mean

Many pairs of legs and a segmented body e.g. Milipedes


Protozoa mean

Organisms that consist of one cell only.


Coelenterate mean

Soft bodies with cells that burn it touched. They have no head and only 1 body opening where feeding as well as excreation takes place e.g. jellyfish


Flatworm mean

Simple and soft bodies of which certain species are segmented e.g. tapeworms


Annelids mean

Segmented, cylindrical soft bodies e.g. earthworms


Molluscs mean

Soft bodies, sometimes have arms, mostly with shells e.g. snails


Echinoderms mean

Sea animals with spines on their body covering e.g. starfish