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Monetary Limit for First Degree Grand Theft

100,000 or more, stolen cargo that has entered the stream of commerce worth 50,000 or more, damage to the real or personal property of another exceeding 1,000


Monetary Limit for Grand Theft in the Second Degree

20,000 or more but less than 100,000; emergency medical equipment valued at $300 or more; stolen cargo that has entered the stream of commerce worth less than 50,000; stolen law enforcement equipment


Monetary Limit for Grand Theft in the Third Degree

$750 or more


Petit Theft in the First Degree

$100 or more


What does every law in Florida need?

a title briefly stating purpose of law; a single subject; enactment clause


Standard for burdening religion in Florida

Must further a compelling government interest


Standard for considering when government uses sectarian prayer

1) identity of speakers, 2) selection process of speakers, 3) nature of the prayers


How much can you charge to hold a protest?

Not more than a nominal fee; 1,000 is too much


Striking rights

Public workers have right to unionize; restrictions on right to work subject to strict scrutiny


Waiting period for a handgun

Three days (excluding weekends and legal holidays), but doesn't apply if you're trading in another handgun or have a concealed weapons permit


Death penalty limits

Under the age of 17, mentally incompetent


Florida right to courts

The courts must be open to all people for redress of any injury, and justice available without sale, delay, or denial


Number of peremptory challenges

12 in capital case; 6 felony; 3 misdemeanor


What kind of evidence can you use to undermine the credibility of a witness?

Reputation only!!


Inheritance penalty for subsequent bigamous marriage

estopped from taking anything from first spouse