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Social facilitation and inhibition?

Triplett; Zajonc


Self fulfilling prophecies?

Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968)


Who defined the two systems of thinking?
Fast, instinctual and emotional. As well as Slower, more deliberate and logical.

Kahneman (2011)


Who described the idea of the motivated tactician?
(People are flexible thinkers, choosing between cognitive strategies depending on motives and needs)?

Kruglanski (1996)


What did Macrae, Hewstone and Griffifths (1993) find?

Conditions that promote heuristic use include time constraints, cognitive overload, low importance and lack of information regarding the issue.


Who researched the anchoring and adjustment tendencies of children using a jar of sweets?

Smith (1999)


What was the method of Smith (1999)?

Children asked to estimate number of sweets in a jar, given either a low base number or a high base number, was found that children made estimates closer to the base number they were given.


What phenomenon of the availability heuristic is researched by Kunda (1999)?

Perseverance of refuted beliefs


Who researched the conjunction fallacy?

Tverski and Khaneman (1983)


What was the method of Tverski and Kahneman (1983)?

A description of “Linda” given, suggesting she is a feminist, participants asked “bank teller, BT + Feminist”, participants choose BT + F despite the fact that the probability of her being just a bank teller is more likely, yet because she presents as a typical feminist, that situation is judged as less likely.