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what is mechanical mismatch ?

when you have two uncomplimntray tissues between bone implant and bone, or suture retention etc


how can you do tissue engineering with a regen approach?

- you can take some cells so autologous and then expand and put on a scaffold and implant back


what is so difficult about tissue engineering?

e are lots of things to think about, mechanical chemistry, natural a morphology,cells development, scaffolds, degradation


what is the structure of an alpha helix that you need to know ?

- you can make an alpha helix sheet and a beta sheet
- you need to understand that in an alpha helix there is a bond between the NO and the CO every 3.6 residues- this results in a kink
- you need hydrophobic polar polar hydrophobic polar polar polar seuqence too


how can you put two alpha helix together?

- make a complimentary coil with hydrbphobc residue in the middle so that they can come together and make a coiled coiled
- you make sure they are staggered so that you can make a sticky ended dimer


what is a sticky ended dimer?

staggered coiled coils


what is a self creating fibre?

- straggered complimentary helixs that will stick to each other


what do you stick to the end of the fibre? why

hSAF-p1 groups which you can add functional groups on and this means you can stick RGDS on these aside groups which can add stickiness


show was it shown that the decorated ells worked?

- they placed neural stem cells and could see that the neural stem cells were decorating the matrix well throughout the 3D cell and they produced axons maybe
- they are more likely yo be guided towards a wound site with these decorated ECM structure - can pass current through the cells


can the aside group be added with things other than RGDS?

yes can add sequences from BMP and VEGF etc that can influence- add a coktial


can you alter the stiffness?

yes and then you can use for different tisuses- floppy for brain - can modify regions to make gels behave like brain like tissue