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What are the two software categories?

Application Software -> Front end
System Software -> Back end


What is SaaS? IaaS? Paas?

Software as a Service:
Hosted Centrally (Cloud)
Licensed as a subscription
Infrastructure as a Service: AMS -> Provides computer infrastructure
Platform as a Service: Is used with Cloud computing. Allows the user to use it to develop and do stuff without using their computer


Steps of Design

Diversification: Create number of different design concepts
Convergence: Analyze each design concept to find best solution/combinations


List the Software Design Principles

1. Structure
2. Efficiency
3. Standardization
4. Abstraction
5. Modularity (OOP)
6. Configuration
7. Scalability
8. Accuracy (Match what everyone wants)
9. Documentation


Describe the steps and what Agile Development is

Mostly for software development
1. Highest priority to Customer Satisfaction
2. Welcome Changes (Better late than never)
3. Frequent Delivery (Not for hardware)
4. Developers and Business need to be in constant contact
5. Motivated individuals in teams
6. Face-to-face communication
7. Having working product -> Primary measure of progress
8. Sustainable development
9. Technical excellence and good design
10. Simplicity (Don't overcomplicate)
12. Frequent self-reflection by team


What is Rapid Application Development? (RAD)

Deals with major shortcomings of waterfall
1. Focus groups for gathering software requirements and defining deliverables
2. Rapid prototyping
3. trying to reuse as much as possible
4. Get the back end working before front end
5. Team meetings and comp are informal


What is Test-Driven Development? (TDD)

Software development process.... Compatible with Agile.... Starts with writing test cases not code first. Major advantage is it makes developers think about problems before they are developed.


Components of User Experience (UX)

1. The process of finding the products (Customer finding)
2. The actions used to interact with the product
3. Thoughts, feelings, emotions experienced when using
4. Impressions taken away from product


Steps in Conducting Usability test

1 ) Goal -> Identify main question / parameters. Hypotheses
2) Protocol -> How you're going to get the data (Method)
3) The Questionnaire -> based off of Protocol
4) Ethics Approval -> get a third party to give the A OK
5) Subject Recruitment -> Subjects need to be impartial
6) Testing -> Takes a while
7) Analysis -> Correlation doesn't mean Causation


Name the two Company Organizational Structures and why they gucci

Flat-> Each Manager Supervises many people and chain of command isn't deep
Hierarchical -> Teams smaller, more chains


Team Structures what are the two?

Function-based: -> People in the same discipline work in the same team. All members on different products
Product-based: -> Members on teams all work on same product (More popular)