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Name four approches to Devlopment methodologies

- Waterfall cycle
- Agile methodologies
- Extreme programming
- The spiral model


List some characteristics about the Waterfall model.

- Software is devloped in a linear fashion
- Each stage is checked before moving onto the next stage.
- Suitable for small projects with no uncetain requirements.


List characteristics about the Rapid Application Devlopment.

- Heavily emphasies rapid prototyping and iterative delivery.
- a prototype is built and the user is consulted.
- Modifications area added as the solution is developed.
- Process only continues if the client is happy with the prototype.


List characteristics of ths spiral model.

- Uses structured steps as the Waterfall model but introduces the idea of developing software as an iterative process.
- Each time the cycle is competed the customer supplies the feedback and risk analysis looks at the possibility of overuns of time / money requirements.


List characteristics of agile methodologies.

- Group of methodologies which focus on diea that requiremenths way change during the development process.
- Software is developed in incremental parts.
- Requirements specifications are continually refined to the customers needs.


List characteristics of extreme progamming .

- A type of agile software devlopement process.
- Iterations are very short
- Emphasis on pair programming: code review and unit testing.