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What are the main components of a modern landfill?

Top to Bottom:
1) Gas vent
2) Clay cap with vegetation
3) Granular drainage material
4) Low permeability liner cap
-- refuse --
5) Perforated leachate collection pipe
6) Clay and synthetic liners

*groundwater monitoring probe
*gas monitoring probe


What 4 additional measures might be required in a hazardous waste landfill?

1) operation/management program
2) double liner system
3) leak monitoring/detection system
4) increase distance between bottom & ground water


What is landfill gas?

Methane generated from anaerobic respiration


In RCRA, what 3 members make up the regulated community?

Why was RCRA enacted?

Regulated Community: generators, transporters, TSDFs

to control generation & disposal of solid and hazardous waste


What is meant by the term "cradle to grave"?

RCRA regulates hazardous wastes at business/industry/govt facilities from:

Generation -- Transportation -- Treatment -- Storage -- Disposal


What are the two major ways that a waste can be classified as hazardous according to RCRA?

1) Hazardous waste listing
--tied to specific industries/descriptions
--waste either meets listing or it doesn't

2) Hazardous waste characteristic
--based on property of wastestream (eg, ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, toxicity)
--not tied to specific industry/process