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What was the goal/general idea of how CERCLA was to be implemented?

1. quick response and cleanup
2. go after guilty parties later


What are the 4 main components of CERCLA?

1. establish tax to create fund

2. establish authorization to identify sites for action

3. establish authorization to investigate/clean up sites

4. establish basis to apply liability to clean up and pay back cost into the fund


Superfund Tax

What was taxed?
What was the special provision?
How would the Superfund be replenished?

Tax on oil, chemical feedstocks, imported chemicals

Sunset provision

Fund replenished by recovery from liable parties


Retroactive, strict, joint, and several liability

What is meant by retroactive?

Retroactive: liability for owners/operators at time of release and disposal, and waste generators, transporters, and brokers


Retroactive, strict, joint, and several liability

What is meant by strict?

What is meant by joint and several?

Strict: liability regardless of intent, ignorance, existing law, or prevailing standard of care

Joint and several: all parties are equally liable, but any party can be singled out


What is a Remedial Investigation? What are its 3 goals?

Remedial Investigation:
1) assess nature/extent of contamination
2) assess associated health & environmental risks
3) develop goals for cleanup


What is a Feasibility Study? What are the 3 remedial action objectives?

Feasibility Study: evaluates alternatives to reduce site risks to acceptable levels

1) address all cancer risks above 10-4 to 10-6
2) address all chronic non-cancer risks above RfD
3) meet all applicable and relevant/appropriate regulatory requirements