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The three primary purposes of Source Selection Planning

1. Provide a structured, fair, impartial evaluation of offerors
2. Maximize competition and innovation
3. Select best source


Know that the Source Selection Plan:

-Describes source selection process for a particular acquisition
-Prepared by Program Office – Source Selection IPT
-Approved by the SSA


The two ways to derive greatest overall benefit or “Best Value” IAW FAR 15.101

1. Tradeoff Source Selection Process
2. Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA)


Proposal standards...

...Must be defined for each factor/sub-factor
...Are used to determine whether a proposal fails to meet, meets, or exceeds factor/sub-factor requirements


Know the roles and responsibilities of the Source Selection IPT

Develops Source Selection Plan (SSP)
Develops evaluation Factors/Sub-factors
Establishes relative weights/importance of Factors
Defines evaluation standards for each Sub-factor
Establishes rating methods (words or colors)
Market Research


Know the roles and responsibilities of the Source Selection Authority

Provides oversight of SSEB
Selects the contractor whose proposal will be the most advantageous to Government


Fact Finding typically includes

Technical, Cost, and Price Analysis


Know the difference between the Source Selection Evaluation Board (SSEB) and the Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC).

-Evaluates each Sub-factor against its standard to derive a rating for each Sub-factor
-Rolls Sub-factor ratings up to an “average” rating for each Factor
-Briefs results to Source Selection Authority

-Required on solicitations over $100M
-Advises SSA
-Provides award recommendation to SSA


The Source Selection Procedures require ...

standardized rating criteria and descriptions for technical and past performance factors


The purpose of the evaluation criteria in the Source Selection Plan is

to assist in evaluating how well each offeror’s approach meets RFP requirements; identify strengths and weaknesses in proposals; and distinguish among proposals.


The only time that the evaluation rating guidelines are released to offerors

there’s a protest


What council is required on solicitations over $100M

Source Selection Advisory Council (SSAC)


The Source Selection IPT develops the...

Source Selection Plan (SSP)


Once the RFP is released, who is the person that only can negotiate with the offerors.

the KO


The process of communicating back and forth between parties searching for a solution that best meets each party’s needs



One indicator of the financial health of an offeror is ...

their Profitability Ratios


What shows the results of the company's business activities over a period of time, expressed as income

Income Statement