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How much of Australia's wine production comes from South Australia?

Nearly half, with 65,200ha planted


How many zones exist in South Australia? What are they?

There are eight zones in South Australia
- Far North
- The Peninsulas
- Mount Lofty Ranges
- Barossa
- Lower Murray
- Fleurieu
- Limestone Coast
- Adelaide Superzone


What is the Adelaide Superzone?

A zone comprised of Mount Lofty Ranges, Barossa, and Fleurieu


What is the Barossa Old Vine Charter?

A voluntary registry of old vines in Barossa, dividing viens into four age groups:
- Old Vine: Min. 35 years old
- Survivor Vine: Min. 70 years old
- Centenarian Vine: Min. 100 years old
- Ancestor Vine: Min. 125 years old


What two subregions are located within Barossa?

Barossa Valley and Eden Valley


What's the difference between Barossa Valley & Eden Valley?

Elevation is lower in Barossa Valley, also warmer than Eden Valley.


What are some of the most famous Barossa Valley Shiraz Bottlings?

Penfolds' "Grange" is almost wholly sourced from Barossa Valley, also Elderton's "The Command" and Torbreck's "RunRig" and "The Laird"


What is Mataro?

Australian name for Mourvedre


Why don't white grapes perform well in Barossa Valley? What is the exception?

It's too warm on the valley floor, grapes become overripe and lose acidity; the exception being Semillon, if picked early enough.


What is the most well-known Semillon from the Barossa Valley?

Peter Lehmann's "Margaret," sourced from a vineyard planted in 1929


How is Shiraz from Eden Valley different from that of Barossa Valley? Why?

It shows more elegance, spice and red fruit. This is due to the cooler climate, higher elevation, and poorer, rocky soils.


What is Australia's most famous single-vineyard wine? Inaugural vintage?

Henschke's "Hill of Grace," 1958


What are some important producers in Eden Valley?

Henschke, Yalumba, Pewsey Vale, Mountadam


What are some important producers in Barossa Valley?

Penfolds, Torbreck, Peter Lehmann, Seppeltsfield, Two Hands, Turkey Flat, Wolf Blass


What is the largest family-owned estate in Barossa? Where are they located?

Yalumba, they're found in the eastern part of Barossa Valley, on the border with Eden Valley at Angaston


Where is Pewsey Vale vineyard?

It's located in High Eden, southern Eden Valley. Planted in 1847 with Riesling, one of the most famous vineyards in Barossa


What is the producer Henschke most well-known for?

They are well-known for their single vineyard bottlings "Hill of Grace" (1958) and "Mt. Edelstone" (1952)


What is the topography of Clare Valley? Where is it located?

Clare Valley is a series of narrow, mainly north-south valleys on an elevated plateau. It's about 60 miles north of Barossa


What styles are made in Clare Valley?

Dry reds from Shiraz, Cabernet & Merlot; Dry whites from Riesling and Chardonnay


What are the unofficial subregions of Clare Valley?

Polish Hill, Watervale, Auburn, Sevenhill, Clare


Who are some important proucers in Clare Valley?

Grosset, Kilikanoon, Jim Barry, Taylors, Wendouree, Sevenhill Cellars


What dangers do Clare Valley vineyards face? Which aren't an issue?

Spring frosts are an issue, particularly in southern and eastern areas of Polish Hill, Watervale, and Auburn.

Insects, and fungal disease aren't a problem due to dry climate.


What is the most planted variety in Clare Valley? What's the most famous example?

Shiraz; Jim Barry's "Armagh" vineyard is the most famous Shiraz in Clare Valley


How does Clare Valley Shiraz differ from Barossa Valley?

It is quite rich and round in style, however less weighty and alcoholic than Barossa Valley examples.


Where is the Adelaide Hills GI located? What grapes are mainly planted here?

Between Barossa and McLaren Vale; mainly white grapes, as the region is much cooler than its neighbors.


What is the central subregion of Adelaide Hills GI? What is it known for?

Piccadilly Valley; known for Chardonnay, Petaluma planted Adelaide Hills' first commercial vineyard here in 1976


What is the most planted variety in Adelaide Hills GI?

Sauvignon Blanc, the grapes takes center stage in Lenswood GI, just east of Piccadilly Valley.


What is distinctive about Adelaide Hills climate in reference to its neighboring regions?

It is both the coolest and wettest region in the Adelaide Super Zone


What is the Adelaide Super Zone?

A GI that contains the zones of Mount Lofty Ranges, Barossa, and Fleurieu.


Where's Adelaide Plains GI? What's significant about it?

It is north of the city of Adelaide, the only significance is it's where Max Schubert experimented with "Grange" back in the day. No quality wine is made here now.