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Intersubject registration 

The process of spatial normalisation where indivuals data is transformed into a standardised space to allow data to be integrated across individuals who are anatomically variable 



An atlas provides a guide to the location of anatomical structures in a co-ordinate space 



A template is a representative of an image that provides a target to which individual images can be aligned. 

Templates can be based from Talariach (a single 60 year old post mortem female brain) or MNI - the average of 152 scans from healthy young adults

Talariach requires land-mark based registration, whereas MNI is automated. 

A structural image is normally taken and co-registered with functional images (incase individual has moved). Structural image is then normalised to the template and these parameters are applied to the functional data


where is the 0, 0, 0 co-ordinates of the MNI atlas? 

The anterior commisure