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친한 사람들과의 활동

I can have the opportunity to socialise with others which allows me to build stronger relationships.


새로운 것을 배우다

I can learn about different things in life which helps me broaden my perspective.


새로운 재능 발견

Students can have the chance to discover new talents, which will be helpful for their future career.


새로운 사람들 만남

This will make it possible for me to meet different peoples which will allow me to expand my social network. I will be helpful for my future career.


수업에 집중 -> 좋은 성적

Students can concentrate better in class and understand materials better. So they will be able to get better grade in their classes.


소중한 경험

This will make it possible for me to gain valuable experiences which allows me to broaden my perspective. This will be, for sure, helpful my future career.


경쟁력을 갖추다.

This will make it possible for me to gain more comprehensive knowledge. This is important because it will make me competitive in the future job market.


더 많은 취업 기회

This is important because I will be able to have more job opportunities in the future.



Since she really listens to other people and comforts them, they open up to her and trust her. So I believe this is why a lot of people respect her.



She is a very successful person since she is absolutely dedicated to her job. She inspires me because there are many things I want to achieve as well.



This is because [a good friends] who is ADJECTIVE will make it possible for OBJ to open up to him and trust him.


스트레스, 주어 I

I am a busy student with lots of studying and work to do. So sometimes I need to take some time off to refresh myself. And V-ing will definitely help me clear my head.


스트레스 + 건강, 주어 they

People today live in a competitive world, and they always have loads of work to do. This is why they are very stressed out. So they need to take some time off to refresh themselves. It will be good for their health as well.



Whenever I feel down and stressed, I VERB. It helps me forget about my worries and makes me feel better.



SOME skills are important when they go to college and start living on their own.



I am responsible for my college tuition, so I live on a tight budget.



I am a busy student with lots of studying and work to do. So I usually do not have any time for myself.


많은 것을 배우다.

I learned many things such as how to deal with people and how to work things out when there is a problem.


일반적인 ideas를 우길 때

According to recent studies, [Listening to classical music helps you relax]. [develop creativity, imagination, social skill, sense of independency]



it was the first time when I went on a trip on my own. Before then, I had always traveled with my parents. But, while I was there, I had to figure out so many things on my own. So, I became independent.