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What is a special care order?

A special card order refers to a type of care that is given to children or young people who are in need of special care and protection. They are placed in a 'special care unit'.


What are special care units? (6)

Special care units:
1) There are 3 special care units in Ireland.
2) It is ran by the HSE.
3) The regulations of the units were signed by the Minister for health in 2006.
4) It is a purpose security locked unit.
5) Higher staff to child ratio.
6) The children are unable to leave on own accord.


Who is placed in a special care unit? (4)

1) A child which displays such behaviours which puts them at risk in relation to health, safety and welfare.
2) It is used for children who cannot be cared for in a regular residential unit.
3) It involved young people between the ages of 11-17.
4) E.G. A child who is self harming/suicidal, abusing substances, where all other attempts have been tried and failed. L


ACT- (2)

1) Part 3 of the children's act 2001 amended the child care act 1991 with the introduction of a 'special care unit' authorising the decision of a child in a unit in circumstances where a child's own behaviour can pose a risk to his/her safety or welfare.
2) Article 40.3:2 in the constitution states that the protection for life, person and protection rights to every citizen.


Process to put a child in a special care unit. (6)

1) Referral is made to the family welfare services. From this a family welfare conference will be organised to establish if a special care unit is the only option.
2) If a special care unit is approved then they will begin to process the application based upon the experiences and needs of the child.
3) A plan is outlined making up the child's needs based upon the potential risk to the child.


What happens in a special care unit? (2)

1) This model provides the young person with a model of care and appropriate interventions based on relationships, containment, and positive reinforcements.
2) This is done in order to stabilise persistent and extreme situations.


What happens when you leave a special care unit? (3)

1) The young person will move into an appropriate accommodation organised by the social worker.
2) This accommodation includes foster homes, family, and residential care.
3) The young person will not be moved in all at once but gradually with daily and overnight visits to the new accommodation.


Cases: (3)

1) DB v Minister for justice.
2) 1999.
3) Ordered for minister for justice to make sufficient funding available to the health board to build & maintain a high support unit in Portland (Now crannog Nua)