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What is a supervision order? (1)

A supervision order is an alternative to children being taking into care of the state.


What is the difference with a supervision order and a care order? (3)

1) A supervision order may be given when during the application for a care order the court may decide that a care order is not necessary.
2) Although it is seen that it is necessary for the child to be visited regularly by the HSE.
3) It is neither made instead of a care order or while waiting for a care order to be processed.
4) A supervision order does not give the parental rights to the HSE, they remain with the parents.


Benefits of a supervision order (3)

1) A supervision order gives Tusla the authorities to visit and monitor the health and welfare of the child.
2) Help the parent, and give them any necessary advice.
3) Used as a measure of interim relief, pending the application of a care order.


How long does a supervision order last? (2)

1) It initially lasts for 18 months.
2) It may be renewed though.


Grounds for a supervision order; (2-(1:C))

1) In order to process a supervision order the court must be satisfied that one of the groups for a care order are in existence. These grounds are:
A) Abuse.
B) Neglect - which could damage the child and the development of the child.
C) The is the potential that abuse may occur to the child if left in the home.
3) Although, the abuse is that at the moment it is not necessary or appropriate to make a care order. But it is desirable that the child should be visited periodically in his home by or on behalf of the HSE to ensure the safety of the child.


Difficulties of a supervision order: (1)

1) A difficulties arises when all the parties involved agrees that the child should remain at their home despite the potential to the child being placed in danger.