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Ely's Test

Screen for rectus Femoris tightness
Positive test= anterior pelvic tilt/ipsilateral hip flexion spontaneously occurs



Screen for iliopsoas spasm or SI joint involvement
Positive test= knee does not lower below the level of the opposite thigh


Ober Test

Screen for Iliotibial band contracture
Positive test= test thigh does not lower past horizontal (remains abducted)


Thomas Test

Screen for hip flexion contracture
Positive test= straight leg will raise off the exam table (and might feel stretch in the muscle)
--Can also have patient on edge of table to check for rec fem length--


Trendelenberg Test

Screen for hip stability/hip abductor weakness
Positive finding= contra lateral pelvis drops when standing on affected leg, suggesting markedly weak gluteus medius or unstable hip


Webber-Barstow Maneuver

Screen for limb length asymmetry
Positive test= asymmetrical position of medial malleoli


Valgus Stress Test

Screen for one-plane medial instability at the knee (MCL)
Positive test= gapping of tibia away from femur, pain at MCL
---positive findings in extension= major disruption and likely will find positive rotary instability tests
---positive findings in only flexion= one-plane medial instability


Varus Stress Test

Screen for one-plane lateral instability at the knee (LCL)
Positive test= gapping of tibia away from the femur, pain at the LCL
---with knee extended= major instability, need rotary instability tests
---with knee only flexed= one-plane lateral instability


McMurray Test

Screen for medial or lateral meniscal injury
Positive test= clunk, snap, click, accompanied by pain that occurs between full flexion and 90 degrees of flexion
---rotate tibia internally for lateral meniscus, rotate tibia externally for medial meniscus


Lachman Test

Screen for one-plane anterior instability (ACL injury)
Positive test= mushy/soft end feel, excessive displacement


Apley's Test

Screen for meniscal injury
Positive findings= restriction, excessive movement or discomfort with compression; pain/hypermobility with distraction is more likely associated with ligamentous injury


Clarke's Sign (Patellar Grind Test)

Screen for retropatellar dysfunction
Positive findings=pain during quadriceps contraction


Anterior Drawer Test (ankle)

Test for injury to the ATFL and deltoid ligaments
Positive findings= pain or excessive excursion laterally indicates injury to the ATFL; pain or excessive excursion medially and laterally indicates injury to both medial and lateral ligaments


Morton's Sign

Screen for stress fracture or neuroma
Positive findings= pain at metatarsal heads


Homan's Sign

Screen for DVT
Positive findings= pain in calf with DF or palpation, visible pallor, swelling in leg and/or loss of dorsalis pedis pulse