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What are 'specialised cells'?

These are cells that have a specific job.


Name the animal specialised cells

Red blood cells
Ciliates Epithelium cells
Sperm cells
Egg or Ova


Name the plant specialised cells

Palisade cell
Root hair cell


Describe red blood cells

They carry oxygen to the body
Have no nucleus but has haemoglobin (iron) centre


Describe ciliates epithelium cells

They line the air passage into the lungs
Tiny hairs called cilia move the mucus (snot) away from the lungs
The cilia filter out dust and other particles.


Describe sperm cells

The male reproductive cell
Has a tail to move
Contains half the genetic information inside the nucleus
Has enzymes in its head which allow it to break through the protective layers of an ovum


Describe the egg/ova

The female reproductive cell
Much larger than the sperm cell and most other human cells
The yolk provides food for the fertilised egg


Describe palisade cells

Contain lots of chloroplasts for photosynthesis
Found in the top layer of the leaf
Absorbs the gas: carbon dioxide.
Absorbs sunlight as energy.


Describe root hair cells

Large surface area
Long and thin to absorb water and minerals from the soil
No chloroplasts (cause they're underground so no sun!)


Define 'tissue' and give an example.

A group of similar cells carrying out the same job.
E .g. Muscular tissue.


Define 'organ'. (And don't tell me it's like a piano!) and give an example.

A group of different tissues working together to carry out a common job.
E.g. The heart.


Define 'organ system' and give an example.

A group of organs carrying out a common function.
E.g. The digestive system.