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Our place in eternity is better grasped when we comprehend the plan of salvation. True or False



In January 1831, the Lord indicated (D&C 38:32) that the Saints were to gather in Ohio and "there will I give unto you my law." The "law" in this section refers to

D&C 42 - is called "The Law.


Which of the following is true pertaining to the omniscience of God?

God knows all things.


Sidney Rigdon was a man in whom there was no guile. True or False

False- Sidney Rigdon was told he would use the scriptures to prove the words of Joseph Smith. Edward Partridge was told he was like Nathanael who had no guile. See D&C 41:9-11 and Commentary D&C 41:12.


The first bishop of the Church was...

Edward Partridge


All of the following apply to a bishop except...

he presides over the Melchizedek Priesthood--- The stake president presides over the Melchizedek Priesthood in his stake. See Commentary D&C 41:9


In D&C 41, we are informed that a true disciple of Jesus Christ is one who...

receives his law and does it.
It is not enough just to receive the Lord's law; we must do what the law states in order to be disciples of the Lord. See D&C 41:3-5


JST of the Bible...

predecessor to some of the greatest doctrines in this dispensation. [Not only is the JST a valuable doctrinal and historical companion to the Doctrine and Covenants, it is also a predecessor to the reception of some of the greatest doctrines now taught in this dispensation. See Commentary D&C 37:1]



one of the characteristics of the living God. [One of the important characteristics of our Heavenly Father is that He knows all things. See Commentary D&C 38:2]


Alpha and Omega...

teaches the timelessness and eternal nature of our Lord’s existence. [The first and last letters of the Greek alphabet are used figuratively to teach the timelessness and eternal nature of our Lord's existence. See Commentary D&C 38:1.]


gathering of Israel...

consists of joining true church; of coming to the knowledge of true God. [Sometimes we think of the gathering of Israel as going to the same physical place, but it always refers to those who come to Christ through Church membership. See "The Gathering" under Commentary on D&C 38.]


"iffy" blessings...

given, but received only when the individual complies. [We sometimes think that all blessings given to us are automatically ours, but we forget D&C 130:20-21, which teaches us that there is a law upon which all blessings are predicated and to obtain a blessing we must comply with the law. See Commentary D&C 39:10-11.]


One of the major concerns in the sections studied in this lesson is..

the gathering [The gathering has been one of the most important teachings of the Church in every dispensation. See Commentary on D&C 38--"The Gathering.]


Who was promised certain blessings if he did certain things ("iffy" blessings)?

James Covil. [Although James Covill was promised many great blessings, these were "iffy" blessings which would be his only IF he did what the Lord told him to do. See D&C 39:10-11]


What do we learn about Jesus in D&C 38?

He is the Beginning and the End.
He took the Zion of Enoch into his bosom.
He is the Great I Am.
He is Alpha and Omega.


What is important about Kirtland, Ohio...

first gathering place for the saints. [The doctrine of gathering in this dispensation was begun in the village of Kirtland. See Commentary D&C 38:31-33]


What is the Endowment...

blessing not known among the children of men. [The first endowment was promised for the Kirtland Temple. See D&C 38:31-33.]


What is important about England...

fulfilled the promise to take the gospel to all nations. [The Lord had promised to give His law to the Saints in Kirtland; part of that was the law of consecration. See Commentary D&C 41:3.]


What is important about Independence, Missouri

New Jerusalem. [It must have been a test of their faith when the Lord told the Saints in New York to either sell, rent, or leave their farms. See Commentary D&C 38:37.]


What is important about Local units all over the world...

where the saints are told to gather today. [Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde began the process of taking the Gospel to all nations when they were sent on a mission to England. See Commentary D&C 38:31-33.]


In D&C 39, the Lord says he would not answer the prayers of the people in Ohio to stay his judgment, even though they prayed "in much faith" because..

he could not deny his word. [When the Lord has made a decision and has made that decision known to His prophet, He cannot deny His word. See D&C 39:16.]


Zion is a name only for Salt Lake City.. True or False

False. [Zion has many different meanings, but the ultimate meaning is in D&C 97:21 -- the pure in heart. See Commentary D&C 39:13]


In our lives, we must discover the scriptures for ourselves--and not just once but again and again. True or False



In D&C 37, the Lord told the Prophet Joseph Smith not to translate any more until he moved to Ohio. What was he translating?

the Bible. [Joseph Smith had translated the Book of Mormon already. He had not yet received the Abraham papyrus scroll, and he never did translate the Apocrypha. The translation of the Bible had already begun in December 1830.]


The Saints were commanded by the Lord to move to Ohio and were promised that for doing so they would be...

The Lord promised five blessings that were to come to the Saints when they moved to Kirtland. They would escape the power of their enemies, be gathered as a righteous people, receive the Lord's law, be endowed with power from on high, and from Kirtland the Gospel would go to all nations. See D&C 38:31-33.


James Covill ...

Baptist minister - [A number of early converts were ministers in other faiths. One of those investigators was the Baptist minister James Covill. See the heading for D&C 39]


Oliver Cowdery...

in 1831 he was still in Independence on his mission. [Most of the Lamanite missionaries in 1831--Oliver Cowdery, Ziba Peterson, and Peter Whitmer, Jr.--were still in Independence. The one exception was Parley P. Pratt. See Commentary D&C 37:3.]


Sidney Rigdon...

came with Joseph Smith from New York. [Although Edward Partridge as well as Sidney Rigdon came with Joseph Smith from New York to Ohio, Sidney Rigdon best matches this choice because Edward Partridge is the only one who can match the choice "first bishop in the Church." See the background for D&C 41.]


Edward Partridge...

first bishop in the Church. [See D&C 41:9]


Heber C. Kimball..

began to fulfill promise to take the gospel to all nations. [Heber C. Kimball and Orson Hyde were two of the first missionaries to England. D&C 38:31-33]