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i before e except after ___ or when sounded like ___ in ________ and ______

c, ā, neighbor, weigh


Double the final ______ before a suffix beginning with a ______ if the word has only ___ syllable or is accented on the ____ syllable and the word ends in a ______ _____ preceded by a ______ _______

consonant, vowel, 1, last, single consonant, single vowel


for words ending in ___ proceeded by a _______ change the __ to__ before all suffixes except those beginning with __

y, consonant, y, i, i.


in adding a_____ to a word ending in silent__ retain the__ if the _____ begins with a _______ but drop the __ if the suffix begins with a ____

suffix, e, e, suffix, consonant, e, vowel.


when two words are compounded together the spelling of the two parts does not change. true or false



when a prefix is added to a word the word itself does not change? true or false