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exam findings of lumbar disk herniation/radiculopathy

Peripheralized with flexion
Possible neuro s/s
Centralized with extension
May have lateral shift
Positive slump/SLR
Reduced sx with unloading
Imaging with clinical correlation
Lateral Shift


exam findings of degenerative spinal stenosis

Reduced sx with repeated flexion
Possible neuro s/s
Increased sx with extension
Reduced extension ROM
Imaging with clinical correlation
Positive two stage treadmill test


exam findings for spondylolisthesis

Pain with loading
Step off deformity
Increased pain with repeated extension Imaging with clinical correlation


exam findings of lumbar disk degenration

Clinical correlation with imaging
No directional preference
General stiffness with PA


exam findings of facet joint degenration

Pain with lumbar quadrant
Reduced pain with flexion
Pain with PA


exam findings of cervical disk hernation

Positive Spurlings test
Positive ULTT A
Reduced sx with unloading Reduced ROM ipsilateral
Possible neuro s/s (Could be a cause of myelopathy) Increased muscle tone (guarding)
Imaging clinical correlation


exam findings of cervical degenerative stenosis

Increased sx with extension
Increased with ipsilateral flexion
Reduced with unloading Neuro s/s (Could be a cause of myelopathy)
Distal symptoms changed with cx pain/motion
Imaging clinical correlation


exam findings of locked facet

Rotation reduced primarily in 1 direction (right or left)
Pain with ipsilateral quadrant (right rotation/ext/side bend)
Sharp pain with motion, minimal pain at rest


exam findings of cervical headache

Headache changed by cervical motion
Sx changed with sub-occipital pressure
Restricted upper cervical rotation
Trigger point pressure reproduces symptoms


exam findings of cervical myelopathy

(B) UE and or LE symptoms increase with cx flexion
Reduced sensation ((B) UE and or LE)
Increased reflexes (DTR, Hoffman’s, Clonus, Babinski)
Bowel/bladder dysfunction
Imaging clinical correlation EMG


exam findings of thoracic disk hernation

Sx changed with thoracic PA
Sx reduced with unloading
Imaging clinical correlation


exam findings of costochondritits

Pain with palpation of costal cartilage
Pain with PA of rib


exam findings of compression Fx

Pin point pain with PA/Palpation
Flexion deformity
Reduced flexion ROM with pain
Imaging clinical correlation


difference between herniation and radiculopathy

herniated disc= "slipped". one of the disces is damaged and has pused back into the exterior structures of the spine

radiculopathy= disease of the nerve root. condition due to a compressed nerve that can cause pain, numbness and tingling


history of lumbar disk herniation

Under 60 years old
(most common 35-45)
Sudden onset
Possibility of neuro s/s
Pain below the knee
Worse in AM
Reduced pain with standing/walking
Increased pain with
• sitting
• static weight bearing
• lifting/twisting


history of lumbar degenerative spinal stenosis

Over 60
Gradual onset
Possibility of neuro s/s
Increased walking-better with shopping cart
Better uphill walking
Quickly better with sitting
Calf pain


history of lumbar spondylolisthesis

Teens and 20s
Female > Male
Reduced sx with flexion
Involved in extension activities
Possibility of neuro s/s
Heavy loading
Increased sx with extension


history of lumbar disk degeneration

Over 60
Family history
Gradual onset
Better when unloaded (lying down)
Increased pain with flexion
Increased pain with loading activities


history of lumbar facet joint degernation

Over 60
Pain with extension
Pain sometimes with rotation
No pain below knee


history of cervical disk herniation

Under 60 years old
(most common 35-45)

Sudden onset (can be gradual) Possibility of neuro s/s
Pain below the elbow
Pain in shoulder/scapula
Reduced pain with arms supported
Increased pain with loading


hisotry of cervical degenerative stenosis

Over 60 Gradual onset
Possibility of neuro s/s (could lead to myelopathy)
Improved laying down
Pain with extension and Lateral flex
Chronic stiffness
Arm and possibly LE symptoms


history of cervical locked facet

More common middle aged and younger
Significant reduction in motion (specific direction)
Less pain at rest
May be associated with headache


history of cervical headache

Women > Men
May start in sub-occipital area
Ram horn distribution
Related to neck position/movement


history of thoracic disk hernation

More common middle aged and younger
Localized thoracic pain
Radiation around rib
Chest pain
May have dermatomal sensory loss


history of costochondritis

Woman > Men
Sharp chest pain near bone/cartilage junction Pin point pain
Pain with deep breathing Increased with coughing


history of compression fx

Women>Men, older, thin build
Deep boring pain
Localized pain lying supine
Sudden onset (although can be gradual) Increased with flexion
Increased with compression


classification for stabilization exercises

hypermobile patients with symptoms


movement implications for lumbar spinal stenosis

knee to chest
draping body over physioball
seated forward bends


what might you find on examination to indicate a spondylolisthesis?

aberrant motion
step off deformity
worse with extension


movement implications for spondylolisthesis

NO extension; will cause disc to move forward
emphazie flexion