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Attention Stance

Charyot Sogi
- Heels together at a 45 degree angle
- Drop fist down naturally bending elbows slightly
- Fists are clenched slightly


Parallel Ready Stance

Narani Junbi Sogi
- Feet shoulder width apart
- Both feet facing forward
- Distance of fists from abdomen is about 5-7 cm


Walking Stance

Gunnun Sogi
- one and a half shoulder width in length
- one shoulder width wide
- weight distribution 50/50
- front foot facing forward
- back foot facing 25 degrees outward
- font leg bent in line with the heel
- back leg straight


Sitting stance

Annun sogi
- one and a half shoulder width in length
- both feet facing forward (foot sword should be digging to the floor)
- knee caps in line with the toes
- push chest and abdomen out and hips back


L - Stance

Niunja sogi
- one and a half shoulder width in length
- 2.5cm in with
- both feet facing 15 degree inwards
- weight distribution 30/70
- back leg bent until inline with toes and front leg bent slightly
- keep hip aligned with the inner knee joint.